Connected Care Platforms for Communities

We enable social enterprises, not for profit organizations, multilateral institutions and Governments deliver healthcare to and collect real world data from marginalized

communities around the world. Our integrated ICT4D solutions for healthcare are tailor-made to every organization's needs.

Connected Care solutions that will put you, your mission and your organization on the path to success.

Data Driven


Easy to Use

Driving better technology uptake among key stakeholders in the communities

AI enabled integrated care solutions bringing all partners in healthcare under a care continuum

Strauss has deep expertise in building Connected Patient Management solutions fully integrated with end to end operations, administration, finance, prescription and medical records management. Strauss provides connected electronic health records platforms that connect seamlessly with Hospital Information Management Softwares (HMIS or Hospital Information System) through data interoperability to enable smooth clinical data access, entry and analytics experience for healthcare professionals. Moreover, doctors and caregivers can provide the necessary care to patients even when they are outside the hospital leveraging telehealth and patient engagement capabilities of the platform. Healthcare providers can also target behaviour change in patients of chronic non-communicable diseases by deploying AI enabled digital therapeutics and chatbots in their patient portal.


Scalable solutions requiring minimal support for organizations as operations grow and needs evolve.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Project and Grant Management

Sales and Supply Chain

Fundraising and CRM

Patient Engagement

POC Diagnostics

Remote Patient Monitoring


Training and Education

Clinical Decision Support

Data Management

Online/Offline Surveys

Hosting of your Choice

We want to enable healthcare organizations deliver connected care and we want to do it on their terms. So choose how to host your platform based on your organization's requirements, goals and vision.


Completely managed platform with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Requires internet connect to run.

On-Premise (Offline)

Host the platform on a server located on your premise and managed by your team. No internet required.

Security and Compliance

We comply to all international standards of data interoperability through HL7 and data security through HIPAA

Trusted by the best

Our clients have used the Strauss Connected Care platform to impact lives of 2,00,000+ patients and continue to grow rapidly

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