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03 November 2020

Connected Care Platforms for Employee Mental Health

One in five workers encountered mental health issues before the COVID-19 pandemic, but today, nearly 50 percent of employees say their mental health has declined due to COVID-19....

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05 October 2020

Wearable Sensors for Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring or RPM promises better health outcomes for at risk population...

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03 October 2020

Future of Telemedicine in India

India's telemedicine companies are growing enormously and are impacting the international economy in terms of growth rate, revenue, sales, market share, and size. ...

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30 July 2020

Importance of Patient Engagement during Covid-19

With reduced face-to-face participation during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients have expanded their use of telehealth technology and other digital channels to maintain their health,...

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15 July 2020

EHR and Independant physicians

EHR is a crucial technology for the future of family medicine...

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30 June 2020

Remote Health Monitoring For Senior Citizens

A Healthcare delivery system that uses digital technologies to gather patient data & electronically transmit it to healthcare providers in a different location....

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18 June 2020

2020: Rise of Telemedicine

Telemedicine has a long history in the medical field since the 1950s, as reported by a study published by NCBI....

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