Connected Care Platform for Hospitals

We enable healthcare professionals to deliver personalized and evidence based care to patients. Our integrated care solutions bring together doctors

caregivers, health workers, service providers, patients and their families within a continuum of care.

Connected Care Platform that adopts to your and your patients' needs


Specialty support


Clinical workflows


Configuration options

Driving better healthcare delivery, reduced healthcare provider stress and improved health outcomes of patients

Healthcare Organizations We Serve

Primary Health Centre

Peripheral Health Centers, Urban Health Centers, Mobile Health Vans, Community Health Camps, Home Healthcare, CSR initiatives

Secondary Health Centre

Rural and Urban specialty health centers, Community Health Centers, Nursing homes, Specialty hospitals, District Health Centers

Tertiary Health Centre

Tertiary specialty hospitals, Multi-specialty hospitals, Hospital chains, ICU enabled health facilities, Government tertiary care hospitals

Key Features

We bring together technology and healthcare expertise to build a cohesive platform that serves the purpose for all stakeholders within the continuum of care

Fluid Workflows

Empowering every physician to configure clinical work-flows that have a flatter learning curve and suit their needs

Clinical Decision Support

Over-worked healthcare providers supported by intelligent inputs of AI/ML driver decision support

Business Intelligence

Leverage data analytics to drive clinical, operations and innovation decision making further

Rapid InPatient Care

All IP care-givers collaborate on a single platform for faster decision making and error-free treatment provision

Automated IP Workflows

Automatic treatment protocol carry-forward, cumulative fluid balance calculation and critical patient alerts

Business Intelligence

Leverage data analytics to drive clinical, operations and innovation decision making further

AI driven Patient Engagement

Engaging patients out of hospital with personalized care plans, follow-up protocols and dynamic education

Remote Care

Provide primary and specialist care for new patients or follow-up using HIPAA compliant telemedicine

Remote Patient Monitoring

Collect patient health data and monitor patients' health remotely through an IoT enabled patient portal

Multi-Centre Support

Maintain a common patient database across multiple hospital locations and access patient data from anywhere

Size Agnostic

Scalable platform with plug and play modules for hospitals from small, medium to large scale operations

Hosting Agnostic

The platform can be hosted according to the client requirements - on the cloud, on premise or hybrid

AI enabled integrated care solutions bringing all partners in healthcare under a care continuum

Strauss has deep expertise in building Connected Patient Management solutions fully integrated with end to end operations, administration, finance, prescription and medical records management. Strauss provides connected electronic health records platforms that connect seamlessly with Hospital Information Management Softwares (HMIS or Hospital Information System) through data interoperability to enable smooth clinical data access, entry and analytics experience for healthcare professionals. Moreover, doctors and caregivers can provide the necessary care to patients even when they are outside the hospital leveraging telehealth and patient engagement capabilities of the platform. Healthcare providers can also target behaviour change in patients of chronic non-communicable diseases by deploying AI enabled digital therapeutics and chatbots in their patient portal.


Scalable, plug and play modules for organizations as operations grow and needs evolve

Doctor Dashboard

Connected EHR

Case Manager

Queue Management

Ward management

Admissions and Discharge

Inpatient Management

Nursing Station

Operation Theatre

Central Sterilization

Ambulance Management

Diet and Food Management

Pharmacy Store

Inventory Management

Laboratory Information

Radiology Information


Insurance Management

MIS Reports

Clinical Data Analytics

Patient Portal

Our fully integrated connected care solution enables healthcare organizations to engage their patients not just within the hospital but also outside it giving their patients the support they need during their journey to get better.


Digital Prescriptions

Share e-prescriptions or give the option view all past prescriptions

Personal Health Records

Give patients the control to review their clinical notes at all times

Report Sharing

Share lab and radiology reports with patient as soon as they are ready


Allow patients to book new appointments or reschedule previous ones


Provide remove consultations to patients using 2-way audio/video calling

Patient Engagement

Engage patients and drive behaviour change with AI driven health education

Remote Health Monitoring

Enable patients to share clinical data directly or through IoT enabled devices

EHR Integration

Integrate the patient portal into any EHR with HL7 interoperability standards

Hosting of your Choice

We want to enable healthcare organizations deliver connected care and we want to do it on their terms. So choose how to host your platform based on your organization's requirements, goals and vision.


Completely managed platform with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Requires internet connect to run.


Host the platform on a server located on your premise and managed by your team. No internet required.

Security and Compliance

We comply to all international standards of data interoperability through HL7 and data security through HIPAA

Trusted by the best

Our clients have used the Strauss Connected Care platform to impact lives of 2,00,000+ patients and continue to grow rapidly

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