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Our vision is to help organizations in healthcare achieve scale

by providing connected technology solutions customized for their needs.

Our Story

Our journey started when Aakash and Kumar met at a global health event in 2015 and found out about their shared passion of transforming healthcare with technology. Aakash brought global healthcare and public health experience with a keen understanding of challenges and gaps within the healthcare ecosystem. Kumar brought more than 20 years of leadership experience working at global technology companies and had previously co-founded, scaled and exited a medical devices company in India. The common thread across Aakash's global clinical experience and Kumar's healthcare entrepreneurship experience was that healthcare was broken for all stakeholders involved. The physicians and other caregivers felt overburdened, the patients felt disconnected from the system and the cost of healthcare was skyrocketing. Moreover, not many people and technology companies bring a strong background in healthcare, technology and impact to the table when working with client organizations. So they co-founded Strauss Healthcare to build technology solutions that are driven by context, purpose and impact for organizations in the healthcare space.

Our Values



We strive to create impact for our clients and the communities and people they serve and in turn create positive social impact for our company.



Our work is driven by collaboration with all stakeholders and end-users of the system. Collaboration is vital in solving complex challenges in Healthcare



We support all our team members in their personal leadership journey as they step up to play a role in the larger context of transforming healthcare.



Transformation initiatives in healthcare can become long term only if they are sustainable and future-proof. We are committed to projects that are sustainable.



We drive success by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients , partners and communities that we strive to impact through our work.

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